Kono Delight Art 100 35mm film

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KONO! Delight - the new line of professional films by KONO Manufaktur®

The KONO! Delight journey continues with the:

KONO! Delight ART 100 - 35 mm film 

Different size, same greatness. The second offspring of the Delight line is, just like the recently introduced 120 version, based on first class professional film stock. Intense colors, the finest grain and a very unique look. Each roll is carefully tinted by professionals. Handmade in Germany.


Technical Information

  • Color tinted 35mm film

  • Process C-41

  • 36 exp.

  • Professional film stock

  • ISO 100, DX coded

  • Any lab can develop KONO! films


Photos: KONO! Uwe Mimoun and Ryan Gordon (NY)

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