Kodak Elitechrome 400 36 exp 35mm film (EXPIRED 2003)

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The rare Kodak Elitechrome 400 35mm film with 36 exposures is available here in limited quantity. Film expired in year 2003, and has been refrigerated as evidenced by the vivid color it still produces. Check out the sample images! 

This high-speed, saturated high-contrast film is best for fast action and low-light conditions
ELITE Chrome Film is the most versatile film family for capturing a variety of images under different lighting conditions. It is the best family of slide films for delivering both saturated colors and natural skin tones. Its superior grain makes it ideal for projection.


This film is also famous for its signature Lomographic look when cross-processed in C41 chemicals! 


Sample images are cross-processed in C41, scanned using home scanner.