Ilford Ilfocolor Single Use Camera Retro Edition (PRE-ORDER)

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We've always wondered if Ilford would re-introduce their IlfordColor color negative films from the 1960's, especially with how Kodak and Fuji unable to fulfill the surging demands for their color films lately. Lo-and-behold to everyone's surprise, Ilford is actually introducing this new single use camera with their own color film (we can only assume, can we?) !

The camera itself looks to be the same ones that many other manufacturers have on the market now (Lomography,  Ilford b/w camera just to name a few), but this one is loaded with the new Ilfocolor film.


It is expected to arrive by end of April. Taking pre-order now.

Any item you order together with this will be shipped when this camera is in stock.



  • Fixed focus free lens
  • Optical viewfinder
  • 27 exposures
  • 400 ISO color film pre-loaded
  • Alkaline battery pre-loaded
  • Built-in auto-recharging flash


*NOTE* Single-use plastic cameras can be bad for the environment. We also offer a range of great point-and-shoot cameras here.

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