Canon Prima Mini II [VERY GOOD] [C6]

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The Canon Prima Mini II (Also known by the name Sure Shot Sleek) is the more sought-after version of the Canon Prima series camera, due to its slim cool look and a decent f/3.5 fixed aperture 32mm lens that focuses down to 45cm! Compact size and comes with the standard features you would expect from a point-and-shoot camera. If you don't like to use flash, you will find it convenient to be able to turn on the camera to a non-flash mode without having to press another button.
Condition of the camera:
Camera is fully functional.
Cosmetic condition is rated VERY GOOD (Explanation here). Some finger rub marks on the front and back, that does not affect functionality at all.
Included with this camera :fresh battery
The technical bit:
Lens: 32mm, f/3.5
Focus: 0.55m - infinity
Main features : Auto-focusing, flash with red-eye reduction, self-timer.
Battery : one CR2 (included). More available here.

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