We use eco-friendly packaging now!

16th May 2021


We are always conscious of the environment impact human can bring to our precious planet.

Starting May 2021, we are changing to eco-friendly packagings. Our aims are:

  1. No more plastic satchel! Orders will be sent in bare boxes. When necessary, we will use only compostable satchel.
  2. No more plastic tape! We use reinforced paper tape so your packages are still well protected even without the satchel.
  3. We reuse boxes from our suppliers where possible, which help us save some cost, so we can continue to offer you the best prices on the products you love!
  4. We like to have your orders well-packed using buffers/packing peanuts/bubble wraps. We reuse these materials from our suppliers too (like we've always do)!
  5. We use compostable shipping labels on the boxes, so you can easily recycle them without peeling off the labels! The backing papers from the labels are made of glassine, and we send them away for recycling. 

Please continue to render your support to our small business! Thank you!