Albox Acid-Free Slide Pockets/Sleeves - 20 slides

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 The Australian-made Albox slide archival system is now available in Decisive Moment Shop!


These polypropylene film sleeves are the finest photo safe quality material, and are guaranteed to give you ultimate protection for your most important film negatives. This slide pocket is acid-free, comparable to the ClearFile negative sleeves.

Albox professional quality negative pockets for ring binders used and developed for the Photo Industry for many years.

  • Price is for single sheet. Multiple sheets available for purchase.
  • Capacity for 20 slides per sheet.
  • Acid-Free tab (for recording information) provided free of charge.

Fits our ultra-big Ring Box binder here, or the Albox binder/box here.


Differences between Print File, Clear File and Albox slide pockets:

Feature Print File Clear File Albox
Capacity 20 slides 20 slides 20 slides
Info Recording strip Yes. Built-in. None Yes. Swap-able tab provided.
Acid-Free No. Yes Yes




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