ADOX Silvermax 100 black/white film (last batch)

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Sadly the Adox Silvermax film is now discontinued. This is from very last batch of SILVERMAX in the 160 YEARS OF ADOX design.

Adox Silvermax 100 is a silver-rich traditional black and white film designed for both negative and reversal processing. It features a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° and is characterized by a wide tonal range with expansive exposure latitude. When developed with the recommended Silvermax Developer, up to a 14-zone range can be recorded with fluent detail in both the highlight and shadow regions. In between the emulsion layer and the film base is an anti-halation layer that helps to improve sharpness and detail.


  • Traditional Black & White Film
  • ISO 100/21° with Silvermax Developer
  • Supports Negative or Reversal Processing
  • Wide Tonal Range and Exposure Latitude
  • Anti-Halation Layer for High Sharpness

ADOX SILVERMAX is coated onto clear triacetate and can be reversal processed.

Also check out the special Adox Silvermax developer to get the most out of this film.



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