About us

Welcome to the Decisive Moment Shop!
About Us
We are a small family-run business based out in Melbourne Eastern suburb.
Since 2012, we started selling films on eBay (under a personal moniker). We love trying different film stocks, but they were hard to come by at a reasonable price. For many people including us, the risk of getting scammed on eBay was real back then. We took the opportunity of providing the local film community a reliable place to get films, and started the DecisiveMoment eBay store in 2014, then our own website soon after.
We have been keeping a low profile since inception, but as many fellow film shooters soon found out, we are always committed to provide a wide range of products at the best price, so please keep all your supports coming!
About our films
Although we are known for offering some rare expired films, our wide variety of usual films are freshly dated. Expired films are stated as such.
p.s. For anyone who doesn't know what 'Decisive Moment' means, it is a concept popularized in the work done by the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson (check this out). Yes we agree it is kind of cheesy to use that name for our shop, but it's just sort of stuck in us for a long time:)
Please feel free to contact us for any questions, suggestions, and feedbacks you may have.

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