Rollei RPX 25 4x5 sheet film (25 sheets)

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This is a 25 sheet box of 4 x 5" Rollei RPX 25 film.

Rollei RPX 25 is a panchromatic, black and white film with a low sensitivity of ISO 25/15 ° 

In addition to its very fine grain the Rollei RPX 25 consists of a high resolution and defined edge-sharpness. 
Additionally to its extraordinary fine grain, the Rollei RPX 25 has a very good resolution. The Rollei RPX 25 is characterized by a reserve in sensitivity by one aperture adjustment, depending on the development. 
The thin coating, rich in silver emulsion is cast on to a highly transparent bottom layer and offers an excellent balance between sharpness and fine grain and full exploitation of film sensitivity

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