Fujifilm QuickSnap Simple Ace 1600 Hi-Speed disposable camera *27 exposures*

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A very limited quantity of the Fujifilm Quick Snap 1600 Hi-Speed disposable camera is now available here!
The Fujifilm Quick Snap 1600 uses the rare Fujifilm ISO 1600 color film, and is the only disposable camera on the planet that uses such high ISO film! Expiry date of 1-2020.
  • Film:ISO1600, 135 film
  • Number of shots: 27 photos
  • Lens: f = 32 mm, F14, 1 sheet of plastic lens shutter speed: 1 / 200 sec
  • Shooting distance range:0.8m~ infinity
  • Viewfinder: reverse Galilean plastic Finder
  • Flash: built-in (effective shooting distance:0.8m~5m) switch pilot lamp with sliding Flash
  • Battery: AAA AAA 1.5 V alkaline battery built-in
  • Dimensions (mm):W108×H54×D34
  • 27 Exposures per camera
  • Contains 1600 ISO colour film
  • Built-in flash
  • Quality Fujifilm construction
  • Japanese market version, specially imported

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