FPP RetroChrome 400 35mm film (expired) - new 36 exposures version

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FFP RetroChrome film with 36 exposures. DX-coded for ISO400.

RetroChrome is government surplus High Speed Eastman Ektachrome color positive film. Made for industrial and governmental applications, Kodak adds “it is color reversal camera film that is intended for photography under daylight illumination. Among its many applications are news photography, sporting events and industrial photography.” The film is cold-stored 2004 expired. The film performs excellent at it’s intended box speed of 400 iso which leads us to believe that this film has been stored in the “deep freeze” for the past decade. See a video review of RetroChrome here!

How do I shoot FPP RetroChrome Film? Just load the film into your 35mm camera and shoot. If your camera is auto, it will detect the DX code and your all ready to shoot. If you have a manual 35mm camera set your iso to 400.


How do I develop FPP RetroChrome film?

Home Process - If you home-process, use any E6 kit for color slides or any C41 kit for cross-processed color negs, both available on our website!

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