Dubblefilm Jelly 35mm special effects film

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ISO 200 Colour 35mm film with added tone that produces a unique image quality. Results will vary depending on shooting conditions but expect something truly surprising every time

The film is in ISO 200, with 24 exposure, and can be processed in normal C41 chemicals provided by most film lab.


About dubble

Launched in 2013 dubble is a mobile app that allows people to mix photos with anyone in the world. Inspired by 35mm film swapping dubble has its roots in analogue photography. Since the launch of dubble two other photo apps have been released: dubble studio (to create double exposures with your own photos) and dubble print (print your photos onto a variety of products). The launch of dubble film brings it in line with its heritage as well as providing a nod to all of its users that shoot film.


About KONO! The Reanimated Film

Launched in 2014 by Uwe Mimoun Is an European analogue photographic company currently developing a range of creative 35mm films.  KONO! films are based on obscure stock originally intended for shooting motion pictures, scientific use or anyplace else where photosensitive emulsions were used. Despite their outlandish origins all films were treated in a way, that they can be developed at standard mini labs.

The newest invention is a hybrid device called “Reanimator”, linking the digital to the analogue world on photographic films. Each product is made and packaged by hand. All films are produced on machines designed and built by us. KONO! films are sold worldwide by selected partners.