ADOX Silvermax 100 black/white film

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  • ADOX Silvermax 100 black/white film
  • ADOX Silvermax 100 black/white film
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Adox Silvermax 100 is a silver-rich traditional black and white film designed for both negative and reversal processing. It features a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° and is characterized by a wide tonal range with expansive exposure latitude. When developed with the recommended Silvermax Developer, up to a 14-zone range can be recorded with fluent detail in both the highlight and shadow regions. In between the emulsion layer and the film base is an anti-halation layer that helps to improve sharpness and detail.


  • Traditional Black & White Film
  • ISO 100/21° with Silvermax Developer
  • Supports Negative or Reversal Processing
  • Wide Tonal Range and Exposure Latitude
  • Anti-Halation Layer for High Sharpness

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